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The following is a list of some of most commonly performed services:

  • Detection and removal of viruses/trojans and other malware.

By using numerous scanning and removal technologies along with manual removal techniques, I first attempt to clean the infected computer of all detected instances of malware. If successful, this method allows for the return of the customer's computer in a state very close to the one the customer had before the malware infection.

  • Transferring and safeguarding data before factorysystem recovery procedures.

If removal of the malware proves to be impossible using the techniques and technologies at my disposal, the next step in the system recovery process will be to attempt to safeguard the customer's data before performing a factory system recovery. Data that is identified as important by the customer will be transferred to a temporary location off of the computer's infected hard drive.

  • Performing a factory system recovery when malware removalis not possible.

Providing the software required to perform a factory system recovery is available either using media provided by the customer or recovery options made available by the computer manufacturer on the computer's hard drive, a factory system recovery or clean install of the Windows operating system will be performed. This will include a complete wiping of the infected hard drive and the reinstallation of the Windows operating system. The computer will then have some form of anti-virus installed and updated, either an anti-virus provided by the customer or a free version that is available for consumer use. The Windows operating system will be fully updated with all currently available security updates from Microsoft.

It is important to note that this process also wipes out all previously installed software. Any software provided by the customer can be reinstalled after the recovery process is completed. No software programs can be saved or be reinstalled without the original installation media provided by the customer.

Once the computer is declared clean, healthy and ready to resume service, the customer's data will be transferred onto the freshly recovered hard drive.

  • Optimize the system start up for maximum performance giventhe available hardware.

Even the fastest computers are often performing at a reduced rate due to unnecessary pieces of software that are launched at start up. By removing these programs from the system start up, the computer can make better use of its available memory and processing power.

  • Take inventory of the installed hardware and determine ifcertain upgrades are available that can improve overallperformance.

In many cases, computers that are several years old were originally sold with too little memory installed. This was done to help keep the retail costs down for the consumer. Since the prices of memory have dropped significantly, the cost of populating the system with a more reasonable amount of memory is greatly reduced. Many customers have seen increases in system performance by simply adding more RAM memory to their older computers. This can often add additional useful life to a computer before the need to purchase a new machine.

Other services provided include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Installing both wired and wireless network configurations inhomes and small businesses. 

  • Setting up and maintaining networking resources such asshared printers and storage.

  • New Computer Installation (hardware & software)

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